Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lotus Traveler Open Mic

Attending the LTS OM call this morning with over 310 of my closest friends.  As many are, I am sure, I am looking forward to the new Android support and hope to have some more clarity around this specifically.  It has not shipped as of the time of the call, but is described as “vary close”. 

We started with a brief overview of what Traveler is, reiterating it’s place as the mobile solution within the Domino-based solution group.  Specifically, this is the PIM and email sync component bringing those services to mobile devices, tablet devices, etc.

After reviewing the features, we discussed the system requirements.

Device support and versions were also covered, which you can also find in the link above.  The list of “whats new” in 8.5.2 was then reviewed.

The chat from the meeting is linked at the bottom.  It contains some good questions and answers. 

Android support will be limited to 2.x devices with the next FP release,  Still on target for this quarter, which we are running out of.  The is a full replacement like previous updates, and it will also provide fixes etc. as you would expect.

Key Questions

Q – Syncing custom “shared” address book to devices via Traveler.
A – It is an often requested requirement, but not in the product at this time.  IBM is investigating how this is administered and gathering requirements for some sort of feature to cover this.

Q – iPhone PIM sync options to be centrally administered.
A – IBM indicated this will require cooperative effort with Apple.  There is some of this in design, but not in the product at the moment.  It is in the top 10 list of requested features with no ETA.

Q – Blackberry device support?
A – Response seems to indicate that IBM will not compete against the BES.  We know there is now a no-cost BES solution for small groups.

Q – Support for Windows Mobile 7 devices.
A – WM7 is not supported in the release.  IBM is reviewing the demand and will look at adding it in future releases.

Q – Prevent Traveler from being used on devices that have been Jailbroken.
Q – Apple can not reliably detect this.  IBM, therefore can not build this into the technology.  They suggest using policy to make Jailbroken phones “illegal” in the enterprise.  On-going issue.



Chat Log

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