Friday, March 11, 2011

My Battle with AIX: Part 1

I started installing Connections 3.0 on AIX this week.  The time I have invested in this so far is more then I was expecting.  The biggest thing I took for granted was how much I enjoyed having an AIX administrator in my past lives.  Being my own DBA and SysOp in addition to being the “app guy” has been a steeper learning curve then I was expecting.  I have administered Linux servers of various flavors over the years, but AIX is just different enough to frustrate me.  I found that there is a massive library of open source applications that you can install via RPM on AIX to make it a bit more palatable.  So after installing bash and switching my shell, I was finally able to move through the system more nimbly.  If you have not discovered it yet, also be sure to install GNU tar as there are documented limitations with the OOTB AIX tar and the path lengths of some of the required packages for Connections.

So after a week of learning how to build LPARs, patch AIX, work with both the X and command line version of SMIT, resize file systems, patch EVERY package under the sun, install open source code on AIX to replace the limited existing app… WHEW… I finally have the base components required to install Connections next week squared away.  The last lingering overhead component at this point is populating the Profiles database before installing Connections.

Out of curiosity… does anyone know why the wizards don’t want to work?  I am pushing output to an Xming server on a Windows machine which worked just fine for all of the product installers, just none of the Wizards… grrr

Well, it is time to call it a week and spend some time with the fam… until next time!

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