Wednesday, October 12, 2011

“Connect to Compete”

Announced today by the chairman of the FCC, an initiative called Connect to Compete is being launched in conjunction with Microsoft, Best Buy, and to try to increase the broadband footprint in America.  The intent is to improve internet literacy and general computer skills for students and working individuals.  This will come in the form of support from Geek Squad providing classroom training in conjunction with groups like Goodwill, Boys and Girls Club, and a few others; Microsoft offering free training and certification on-line; and the career sites providing job skills training, resume writing, and other job related training online for free.  The most positive byproduct that I can personally connect with is the intent to also increase funding for public libraries and school computer labs to provide the means for after class time training. 

Being a technologist, I would love to see greater computer skills training, but is this really just a ploy to get more potential buyers into Best Buy stores and online to support Microsoft’s initiatives?  I hope those involved remain true to the spirit of this initiative and give us reason to applaud these efforts as they progress.  Good luck guys…

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