Monday, April 09, 2012

We CAN Move From SharePoint to IBM!

So I have not posted for a while, and for good reason.  I have been working almost exclusively with the same customer since November on a really cool project and it is finally reaching a point that I can talk about it… a bit.  We (Ascendant) partnered with IBM and T-Systems to bring to fruition a working content migration utility that can take content FROM SharePoint and populate it into Connections / Quickr / WCM.  (Yes… any or all of the three mentioned have a native connector for the utility from T-Systems now thanks to our project.)  Beyond just grabbing the content, transforming it, and then pushing it into the correct content area, we are able to maintain content ownership and impersonate other users at migration time without impacting those users.  This is truly a first of it’s kind solution to the best of my knowledge.  Hats off to the whole team we have been working with.  I know I am excited to be part of this, as I am sure most of the other team members are as well.  This brings real choice to the market as people now have the availability to move their content between platforms.

Thank You everyone that made this possible!

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  1. nice to see Ascendant continue to innovate and lead the pack in collaboration!
    -Garth Thomas