Monday, June 25, 2012

It’s Official…

We knew this was coming, but now they are out of the closet.  So… what will this mean for SharePoint social add-ons?  How will NewsGator and the others plan for the next 12mo?  I think it will be very interesting as there is clearly a statement here that is SharePoint is NOT social, and as such, Microsoft is making a purchase that will enable them to bridge that gap.

On a side note, it makes me feel that Connections’ message is more solid than ever.  As the MS partner ecosystem tries to figure out what the new Yammer + SharePoint will mean for them, IBM can continue to develop and evolve their solution just as they have been for quite a few years now.  Businesses can’t deny that IBM has what is obviously a market leader, and also a very mature and stable solution when compared to the new SP landscape.  This will be fun, for sure.

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