Friday, April 22, 2016

What a motto?

... "Nuthin', what's a motto you?"  (Lion King)

I can't hear the word motto without thinking about Timon and Pumba.  Now a bit more than 30 days into the job, motto had become super important to me of late.  It may sound as if I am simply "drinking the Kool-Aid", but when you have a good motto, its worth talking about.  Coda's motto (or tagline) is Do something great.  Every day.  Being in the software business, there is a very real risk of missing the mark with your solution should it come out at an inappropriate time, be irrelevant in its message or function, or any other number of conditions that have led many good things to an unfortunate end.  Every day I try to do my part to ensure this does not happen with Maestro. 

Coda's motto couldn't be more appropriate for our line of work, as if we do not move the needle even just a little bit each and every day, there is a chance someone else may seize our market.  Keeping an eye on the future, while managing the tasks of the day, and learning from the past and those before you can definitely leave someone with a dizzying view of life.  We don't have to always see in all directions, just never lose sight of the goal and nudge, leap, claw, climb, run, fly, whatever you need to in the right direction and good things will happen.   Maintaining momentum is easier than trying to generate it in the first place  Motivating multiple teams to move in one direction to build, market, sell, and manage the flagship product offering for a new company has been extremely rewarding and an amazing growing experience so far, and it is JUST starting! 

So my advice to all, do SOMETHING every day.  Make it great, or trust that it will be a step towards something great regardless, and see what happens.  Positivity is as contagious as negativity, but has a better effect on morale and productivity.  Try to see the positive in all that is happening around you, and continue on your respective journeys.  You never know how your journey may overlap someone else's and the amazing things that happen when you get the right band together.

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