Thursday, January 27, 2011

Counting Down

The time is upon us.  I have started packing, finalizing my schedule, and making sure the home front is in order.  For the last several years, I have experienced a string of bad luck whenever I have gone to Lotusphere.  This year will be different!  I have landed @ LS in the past, just to find my identity stolen and credit card frozen.  UGH!  No $ for the week @ LS.  I have received a call right as the plane door was closed from  my wife, informing me that a mouse moved into the basement while I was away.  This year… there will be no issues.  I am traveling to Lotusphere with my new company, NouvEON, and I am sure that besides being a different experience my string of bad luck will be broken.

So now that my profile is up to date, take a moment and connect with me.  You can find me here once you log in.  To everyone else also making the journey this year: travel safe, have fun, and let’s start 2011 better than we did 2010!  Enjoy the conference and if you have a moment, swing by booth #228.  Besides being a finalist for the IBM 'Demonstration of Business Value through Social Business' Award, I hear there will be a nice give-away this year too.

More to come…

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