Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday @ LS11

The morning started with a bus ride to the Dolphin, check-in, and an underwhelming breakfast.  (RANT: Why can’t they ever offer vanilla yogurt?!?  WHY!!)  The saving grace of the morning was the familiar smell of Starbucks as the nectar of life hit the bottom of my paper cup.  Ahhhh.

For being 7:15, the Dolphin’s food hall is quite abuzz.  This year’s conference is still too early to classify, but not a bad beginning.  Today has in store for me:

SHOW102 – Statistics and Events

JMP206 – How I Went Beyond… (long title)

JMP205 – Connections 3.0 Administration

SHOW203 – Connections3.0 – Enterprise Integration for Admins

If you see me in any session, say hi, share your thoughts, whatever.  To my fellow attendees, enjoy the conference!

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