Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is Traveler?

It may seem a bit late in the game to publish content like this, but lately I have been asked this question by more that one customer.  What is Traveler exactly?  Now granted, they are most often looking to replace a BES and the associated costs, but the explanation needs to be made just the same.  In the event anyone else also happens to find them selves answering this question frequently, I shared a small and simple slide deck for easy copy-paste operations to expedite the inclusion of this information in any deck.  The content came from the Traveler web site information, and I just formatted and doctored it up to be nice on a slide.


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  1. Mark Champoux tried to post the following, but emailed me instead:

    If you need to provide them with user guides (after deploying Lotus Traveler at a client), please feel free to download the guides I created for Android and iOS devices at http://www.thenewdominoadmin.com/blog/?p=1897 and http://www.thenewdominoadmin.com/blog/?p=1474

    Thanks Mark!